Our office

A-concept is an architectural firm located in the centre of Tervuren. Our work consists of residential, commercial, and public projects.

Our mission

At A-concept, it’s our mission to utilize the experience and strengths of our study team to fit each project perfectly. Searching for potential on (public) sites, besides looking for responsible and intelligent solutions for spatial and social matters, is the driving force of our team.

Our study team thrives because of their fascination with projects that increase the quality of life. They’re constantly looking to add value and synergy for both the users and local residents of each location.

Our study team always prioritizes spatial and architectural quality, for both residential and commercial renovation or building projects. They’re focused on creating the best possible design for all. 

Koen Vanden Plas

Founder and CEO

Quinten Foccaert


Johannes Verhaegen

Projectmanager - architect

Pieterjan Kumps

Projectmanager - architect

Filip Peeters

Architectural Engineer

Cyriel De Cooman